Introducing Ceo & Operator of dazzle her

Jai amour

"We need some top notch hair like the celebrities have but don't cost a ton of celebrity money" Jai Amour the owner and operator of Dazzle Her Boutique, got tired of all the crappy hair people were selling so she decided to start her own hair company. She likes to describe myself as a special kind of person with a unique spirit, one of a kind and like no other.  She started Dazzle Her so that she could make a difference in the industry and be the voice for women like her. Women who love expressing themselves through color and different styles. She wants to be a game changer in such a what people call a saturated industry. Her niche has already created a great buzz to women for all their jewelry and hair needs by bringing a unique and exclusive touch. If you can be corporate, hood, classy , laid back, love to experiment in colors and still be classy, sophisticated, and bossy then you can be apart of Dazzle Her. "Walking into the room is boring, why not walk in and 'Dazzle It'